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Posted on 09/10/2021

Discover the Land of the Rising Sun in 2022

Goway is stepping up to the new post pandemic travel environment with a groundbreaking move to touring.  Offering options that make touring with your own ‘bubble’ – whether it’s your family, extended family, group of friends or couples on their own – suddenly easy. Smaller groups. Private departures. The choices for ‘smaller is safer’ travel is growing.

In response to this growing trend for travelers wanting to travel with people they know, our agency and our preferred partner, Goway, have put together an in-depth and exclusive small-group itinerary, which creates lifelong memories over 12 days in Japan.

Goway’s Enticing Japan

Japan has long enchanted travelers with its unique blend of futuristic wonders and deep traditions. Its cultural and historical highlights have been made even more famous by the recent Tokyo 2020 Olympics. While it’s tempting to travel the country on your own and feel yourself blend into the famous crowds of the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, great experiences are made even greater in good company. That’s why a small-group tour through Japan offers the ideal way to experience the cherry blossoms, ancient temples, and futuristic cities of the Land of the Rising Sun. It promises convenience and security, as well as in-depth expertise that goes beyond the obvious in unlocking the nation’s many wonders.

Join this 12-day exclusive small-group tour and explore Japan alongside an expert guide and likeminded fellow travelers. Let your guide unlock the neon wonders of Tokyo for you, taking you from the capital’s soaring towers to the shops and sushi stalls of the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market. Learn about Buddhist and Shinto traditions and tour stunning temples in Nikko and Kyoto, including the famous Kinkakuji Temple. Lose yourself in the natural majesty of the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, pay your respects at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, and watch the high tide transform the iconic torii gate at Miyajima, while enjoying the world-famous delights of Japanese cooking and hospitality along the way.

Small group travel ensures traveling is made as attractive as possible following the pandemic. Goway’s Enticing Japan makes booking a private tour more flexible and affordable than ever before. Goway is a company dedicated to changing lives through travel and is doing all it can to encourage travelers to get back out there and start making a difference in the world again as soon as it is safe to do so.

Benefits of Small-Group Tours include:

Scheduled for May 22, 2022, Goway’s Enticing Japan is ideally timed for travelers. Not only does it coincide with the tail end of the cherry blossom (hanami) season, the most beautiful time to visit Japan, but it also lets travelers take advantage of warm temperatures averaging 23°C/73°F.

Travelers who book by October 31 will enjoy an early booking bonus of 5% off the cost of this departure. It’s time to make up for the last 16 months and explore the world again, starting with the incomparable beauty and wonder of Japan.

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